Garden cutters are one of those items that fall into the "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To" class. Parts are more moderate and lighter on numerous models, and corners are cut (no play on words proposed) in materials and outline.

Yard cutters are likewise a solid match for "You Get What You Pay For." Even with push trimmers, the more costly models may have an advanced overhead valve motor, electronic start, and different highlights. A pricier riding yard cutter will have things like a battery for beginning and lights, and additionally an alternator and different frill.

With each one of those moving parts, to what extent should a grass cutter last?


Your cutter's administration life will tie straightforwardly in with the quantity of hours it's utilized. A trimmer that is appraised for 200 hours by its maker may just last a couple of years on the off chance that you have a major yard that takes two or three hours to cut. What's more, if your grass develops quick, you'll have to cut it week by week, since holding up until the point when grass is 4 or 5 inches in length implies more work and more weight on the trimmer, which will positively abbreviate its life expectancy.


Simply recall that "old" doesn't signify "exhausted," however. With the correct yard trimmer upkeep, your cutter can last a long ways past its normal life expectancy. Make sure to make the accompanying strides for support on a yearly premise:

Replace the oil.

Change or clean the air channel, and consider introducing a fuel channel if the cutter doesn't have one.

Toward the finish of the season, let the cutter's motor run completely open until the point when it comes up short on gas, which will avoid carburetor and fuel issues the next year.

Hone the edge so it really cuts grass as opposed to pounding the life out of it.

Check the drive belts on a riding trimmer for condition and strain.

Clean or change the start plug.

Clean collected dried grass from the underside of the deck and utilize a shower oil to shield it from working up once more. (This is something you ought to do during the time to shield the deck from rusting.)

Clean, fix, and grease up anything on the cutter that requirements it..

To broaden the life of your trimmer's battery, keep it on a battery maintainer amid the winter..

Make sure to police the yard for any stones, sticks, or different garbage before you begin cutting..

In the event that you take after these means, you can get a more drawn out administration life out of even a reasonable grass trimmer.

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